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Sewing By Theresa

Handmade Designs turned into Gifts for You.

This life~long skill of Sewing has turned into a love gift creating for you. These gifts include such things as Quilts, T~Shirt Quilts, Cosmetic, Catch~all and Purse~like Bags, Memory Pillows, Bone pillows, Bears, other Stuffed Animals and many more fabric craft items.

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Custom Made Quilts

Sewing By Theresa in Schoolcraft, MI is a great place to have your Quilt made.
Schedule a conversation to create your Quilt or T~Shirt Quilt today.

T~ Shirt Quilts

T~ Shirt Quilts are made out of the shirts that you provide. Base price of the Quilt starts with the size and how many Panels will be made. Added price depends on size for Backing, Batting and Binding for the Quilt.


Quilts are made in all different sizes, themes and colors. There are simple made Quilts and very complex Quilts. Quilting can be done by me with my Domestic machine or for an extra charge, be brought to a local Long Arm Quilter. Pricing on Quilts depends on the Quilt.

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Opening Hours
3:30pm to 10pm

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